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By the mid 1990s, Huffy was in deep financial trouble. High-volume retailers had claimed three fourths of the U. market, gaining tremendous leverage over bicycle makers.Wal Mart in particular was pressuring Huffy: it ordered 900,000 bikes at one time, but insisted that Huffy lower its prices significantly.The subsequent fallout in the cycling community was devastating to Huffy, but not surprising considering the nature of the athletes involved.Huffy spent 0,000 to be named the Official Bicycle of the 1996 World Cycling Championships, held in Colorado Springs, the first time the World Championships has been held in the United States.Huffy Bicycles had manufacturing and assembly facilities in Azusa, California (closed in the late 1970s), and Ponca City Oklahoma (closed in the early 1980s), but largely manufactured most of their bicycles in Celina, Ohio, and at one time was Celina's largest employer.At their peak, the bicycle division manufactured over two million bicycles per year and were the free world's largest bike company. Bicycle industry had consolidated, sharply reducing the number of channels for selling bikes.

The Davis Sewing Machine company made their first Dayton bicycle, in Dayton, Ohio, in 1892.Popular models produced during the heyday of the Huffy Corporation included the Radio Bike® (one word), which had an electron-tube radio in the tank; the Scout, a 10-speed road bicycle; the Dragster, a so-called "wheelie bike"; and the Sigma, a BMX bike. Bill & Co contacted Huffman with a concept for producing a bicycle based on a motorcycle, which he called the High Rise.Mole developed the bike based on heavily modified children's bicycles that were becoming popular with pre-teens in Southern California, and which mimicked the appearance of customized "chopper" motorcycles.In 1977 the company name was changed from Huffman Manufacturing Company to Huffy Corporation.The growth of the corporation during the 1980s was significant and Huffy (HUF on the New York Stock Exchange) was nearly a Fortune 500 Company.

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A few of the most popular models included the Special Roadster, the Racer, the La France, and the Streamliner.

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